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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is attainment of the highest level of transparency, accountability and equity in all spheres of operations, interactions with the shareholders, employees, government and others. Since the Equity Shares of your Company are not listed on any Stock Exchange(s), the code of Corporate Governance as provided under Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement would not apply to the company. However, your Company reaffirms its commitment to the good corporate governance practices and transparency.

Au FINANCIERS believes that in order to create sustainable value for our stakeholders, strong Corporate governance has to form an integral part of the way we do business

Right from inception, Au Financiers conducted its business in a manner to inspire trust from prospective lenders and customers for service, speed, reliability, empathy, commitment and financial integrity. A decade after the Company went into business; the Company enjoys lender respect, industry-leading position in the various pockets of its presence and a strong Balance Sheet. This respect has been derived from a progressive investment in governance irrespective of its size and listing status.

Governance in spirit

At Au Financiers, we believe that governance-driven conduct applies as much to an individual as to a corporate. Corporate Governance entails a framework of ethical conduct that protects the interest of all stakeholders. The Company invested in a governance commitment that extended beyond the letter of the law. The result was that even as the Company was unlisted, a number of its actions were benchmarked with the governance discipline applicable to listed companies.

For customer benefit

At Au Financiers, our governance has been principally directed towards benefiting customers. We are convinced that if our processes and systems are directed towards the primary interest of the customers, the resulting benefits will generate a virtuous cycle that will make it possible for us to service the diverse and growing needs of our other stakeholders eventually (lenders, employees, community, government and country).


At Au Financiers, we recognise that we are in a sensitive business where we manage large funds inflow from commercial banks and financial institutions on the one hand and outflow to customers on the other. The nature of this operation makes it critical to mobilise and deploy funds responsibly.

Board Composition

At Au Financiers, we have showcased our governance commitment through our Board composition. Of the seven Board members, two are Independent and three are Investor Nominee Directors. The promoter does not have any relatives on the Board or working in the Company. The CEOs of the two companies engaged in the business of insurance broking and housing finance are competent professionals not related to the promoter in any way, sending out a message to all employees that, in this merit-respecting environment, anyone can rise to the top.


At Au Financiers, we have invested in processes and systems with the objective to eliminate human error in decision-making. The result is the achievement of consistency across functions and locations.


At Au Financiers, we acknowledge our responsibilities to our stakeholders – the responsibility to enhance corporate value for our shareowners, the responsibility to use loans with prudence and meet repayment obligations on schedule to our lenders and the responsibility to create ethical business opportunities for original equipment manufacturers.


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